Quality Local Broadcasting and So Much More!

News & Information

KGCT will be at every event possible to keep you up to date and informed about things you need to know in Nowata County. If you would like to contribute to the news feed and have your story aired on an upcoming news cast please contact us using the button below.

Video Production Studio

KGCT has in-house video production for commercials, promotional videos, original programming and any other video project you may be able to dream up. If you have a need video production needs, we can accommodate!

Sports, Events, & Entertainment

Nowata has more going on than one might think! If you are excited about Friday Night Football, Pioneer Days, or a local band playing in town, SO ARE WE! KGCT will be there to cover the fun!


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Studio Production

KGCT studio production can accommodate many video and photography needs. Currently constructing podcast production, live streaming, and chroma key studio productions.

Expanding capabilities

As Nowata's advertising and marketing needs evolve so does KGCT's studios.

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Standard Pricing
Bonus Deliverables

Commercial/Promo Production

Standard Commercials - $50 to film and edit. Anywhere in Nowata County.

Cinematic Commercials - $200+ depending on complexity and time. Consultation required either in person or over the phone.

Promotional Video Production - Reasonable range can be between $1,000 and $2,000. Consultation required either in person or over the phone. Due to the range of variables, promos will vary in price depending on urgency, time to collect footage, and complexity of editing.

Air-Time (standard ROS)

Commercials - $100/mo. for ROS (run of schedule) will air at LEAST 28 times throughout the entire broadcast day (14 minutes of total air time/day).

Promo Videos - $150/mo. for ROS (run of schedule) Promos are typically 1:30 seconds (or 3 - :30 second time slots) and will air 14+ times (very much a value at 21 minutes of total air time/day), ROS throughout the entire broadcast day.

Non-ROS Air-Time

$100/mo. for Commercials or Promos that are specifically designated for a particular time of day, event (like football, basketball, community government meetings, etc) or "original content" programming (example: "The Future of Fishing w/ Keith and Cody"). Commercials will not run throughout the day, but they will run when your specific target audience is watching.

*KGCT can run any pre-produced or "canned" commercial or promo at the same rates

Community Calendar

FREE with KGCT produced Commercial or Promotional!

Community Calendar airs on channel 25.2 and will also have the same presence on the website Home Page.

Community Calendar (with no commercial) - $10/mo. for 10 second spot ran continuously with all other spots throughout the day.