The Team and Contributers

Nowata 25 KGCT has been almost single handedly owned and operated by Doug and Diane for 27 years. In this new chapter, Markquis will assume more responsibilities with time and experience, however has also recruited several contributors to this undertaking.

Doug with Camera for Website

Doug Boughner

Founder, Cameraman, editor, producer, ok he did almost everything.

Doug is a trained engineer, who self-describes himself as "an engineer that sometimes has to hold a camera." Doug's original engineering days were spent in the oil and gas industry before he "got the broadcasting bug." Doug established and ran Nowata TV 25 KGCT twenty seven years ago providing news coverage, sports and entertainment television to Nowata County. Doug has also raised four children in Nowata schools and is currently looking forward to spending more quality time with his wife and spoiling grandchildren.


Markquis Yirsa

The New Guy

Markquis was born and raised in Nowata. Markquis obtained a B.A. in Psychology at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater. Markquis has several entrepreneurial experiences including five years co-owner of StillVille Studios, a recording studio, and eight years owner/operator of World Tree Videography, LLC. Markquis also has worked as the Director of Youth Ministries in the Disciples of Christ denomination for eight years and five years in mental health as a youth councilor.


Will Maddux

Football and Basketball Play-by-Play



Stat girl for Football and Basketball

Will is a home grown product of Nowata and Nowata Public Schools. Will loves sports and has started as the Play-by-Play caller for the 2018-2019 Basketball season.

Haley has always been into sports and keeps stats for KGCT during the 2018-2019 Basketball season.

photo credit Markquis Yirsa

Our Approach

KGCT TV is only successful if Nowata County's businesses and residents are successful. "We are interested in what you are interested in." KGCT is heavily invested in covering local news, creating engaging and informative content and providing quality and effective television advertising. KGCT understands Nowata's unique market and small town challenges. KGCT will find a solution for anyone who has advertising and marketing needs that are mutually beneficial to both parties. KGCT has a "Win-Win," approach to doing business.

Our Story

Doug Boughner and his wife Diane have been running Nowata KGCT for 27 years. Very few, if anyone knows the inner workings of Nowata's government, events, meetings, etc than Doug Boughner. The nature of a small town TV station demands that his attention be spread all over Nowata County. Doug has raised four children in Nowata and is now ready to enjoy a retirement spending time with family and specifically his grandchildren.

The next chapter...

With the gradual retirement of Mr. Boughner from the TV Broadcasting game, a young, starry-eyed, whipper snapper, named Markquis Yirsa, is now attempting to step into some big shoes! Midway into the 2018 year, Doug presented an opportunity of a lifetime to this home town boy. Markquis is known for his big ideas and energy to match. With a lot of patience from Doug, and an apprenticeship style approach, Markquis will be taking more responsibilities over, creating more time for Doug and Diane to spoil their grandchildren.

Markquis hopes to apply his experience in music recording, videography, photography, and ability to build relationships, to energizing and growing Nowata 25. KGCT is hoping for a new chapter that has new opportunities and capabilities! With the support of Nowata County, it can and will happen!

Next Steps...

NOW, to make this happen! To be successful, we need your business! As business picks up, so does quality and quantity of content. Currently Markquis is working a full time, demanding, day job. To justify more energy and attention to the needs of the station, Markquis needs to meet the standards that Doug has set in his 27 years, and then expand into new unexplored spaces of the internet and streaming! With your patronage, KGCT will be fully operational and then some!