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This is where all live stream interviews, Nowata Ironmen Games and Meetings will be streamed to in the near future!

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Broadcast TV in Nowata County

Why support your local broadcast TV station? There are many reasons, one being that no one else can deliver the news that is directly valuable to you as we can. Other larger stations in Tulsa and Oklahoma City can only cover so much ground. Nowata TV 25 has an approximate radius of 10 miles from the Nowata Water tower. That is a 20 mile diameter, north, south, east and west. Nowata County has approximately 10,000 residents, with about 3,900 of those in the town of Nowata.

Nowata TV 25 KGCT has been owned and operated by Doug Boughner and his wife Diane for 27 years. Very few people are as aware of whats going on around town than Doug, which means you are getting essentially every ounce of information that you need to be an informed voter and citizen of Nowata County.

Can't tune in to the digital broadcast over the air? We are working on a solution to that. Currently we have this website that we will be posting videos of essential meetings and political information. In addition, we will be linking social media, like Facebook, with regular KGCT updates. Eventually we also hope to offer a streaming broadcast of the same over-the-air feed!

KGCT Studio

Why it is valuable to to advertise with us?

Nowata TV 25 provides in-house video production from custom promo videos, standard and cinematic commercials. If you have any production needs or want to advertise with us and have your commercial, event promotional video etc, broadcast on Nowata TV do not hesitate to contact us using the link to the right.

Nowata KGCT is invested in the success of Nowata County and keeping as much of it's income and revenue in the town. If you are a local business advertising with us, we will NOT pick up a similar business from out of Nowata County to create more competition. If there are businesses such as electronics stores, shoe stores, or skating rinks, for example, KGCT will advertise with them. The goal is to prop up and support local business as much as humanly possible.